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working on a new trailer :D

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Feature Film Looking for Extras

Know anybody in Chicago who wants to get shot on film?

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Independant Feature Film Looking for Original Music

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Looking for Extras (ages 18-28)

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Little Horrors

"3d animated short"


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Hey tumblr people! Guess what!!

We’ll be shooting our 1st feature film soon!!

You ready?


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frills: ABCs of Death 26 Director Competition


M is for melting
BY: Chris Phillips

Max is sitting in front of a speaker, the music begins to crescendo.

He begins Masturbating blissfully, he grunts and twitches as the music gets louder and faster.

Images flash through his mind; milfs, mastication, moles, molecules, and motors revving.

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Check out our Animated Short!!

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Our 3rd Film

Pressing Flowers is about finding the beauty in our lives despite the fact that nothing last forever.

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Our Second Film. A panoramic FIlm.